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Elevate your brand with personlised styling

Bespoke Brand Photography

Experience the Power of Unstock! One-of-a-Kind, Hand-Stylised Imagery for female solopreneurs, wellness coaches & professionals

Are you striving for one-of-a-kind imagery that encapsulates the soul of your brand, only to find yourself drowning in an ocean of generic, overused stock photos?

Welcome to the world of tailored, high-end brand photography and content styling, where we don’t just capture, we create.

Welcome to an unstock world – a solution to your content styling needs where your brand is the focus, and the images are designed exclusively for you.

High-End Brand Photography

Crafting Unique, Bespoke Imagery for Brands that Dare to Stand Out

You know your brand’s personality and colours. You understand the value of stand-out visuals that set your brand apart. However, finding those exceptional, one-of-a-kind images for your website, social media, and print materials can be a challenge. You’re after more than just stock photos – you want styled and designed visuals that tell your story.

Embrace the opportunity to fill the visual gaps in your brand’s story with a stylist who designs, creates, and showcases your brand’s uniqueness.

Book your spot today for a tailored, high-end brand photography

What’s Included

Dive into a personalised brand photography and content styling experience

  • Enjoy an in-depth initial consultation to help us gain insights into your unique vision and needs.
  • A custom mood board, reflecting your brand personality
  • Access to my extensive prop collection
  • The freedom to incorporate your own branding products or props
  • Artfully styled imagery that speaks your brand language
  • Private online gallery for easy image access
  • 30 professionally retouched, exclusive images, optimised for your needs
  • A premium 1-year membership to Eliza Stock

Elevate the experience with optional extras, including a tailored prop service, hand model, model, and additional location hire.

Investment $2400

High-End Brand Photography
High-End Brand Photography

“I’ve always struggled when it comes to content creation. I often had the words but not the images to go with it. I didn’t want what I was doing to look the same as everyone else.

I wanted something unique, and that captured the essence of my coaching business.

This is where working with Sarah has been magic! I love using her images not only for social media but also for workbooks and documents for my clients. I feel confident that I can use Sarah’s images to create a connection with my audience – and I love it!.”

-Kate Vivian (Coach & Mentor for Mums)

How It Works

Once you book, we’ll dive deep into your brand identity, discussing your vision and goals.

We’ll then proceed with the creation of a mood board, followed by a photoshoot with your products or selected props

Ending with the delivery of your exclusive images.

Sarah Aktag High-End Brand Photographer

Hello, I’m Sarah, a professional photographer based in Melbourne, a proud mother of three.

As a passionate visual storyteller, I’ve dedicated over a decade to honing my craft, beginning with a successful wedding photography business. Today, my work is a seamless blend of technical expertise and an instinctive understanding of aesthetics, enabling me to capture high-end brand photography for brands and businesses alike.

My heart beats for women in business, and I dedicate my services to making photo content creation an easier task for them. Through Brand Eliza, Eliza Stock, and Financial Stock Images, I provide an array of services – from brand and product photography to subscription stock photography.

My process is detail-oriented, and I find joy in every step, from styling and shooting products, purchasing props (a passion turned addiction), to editing collections. I celebrate each project, rejoicing when I send business owners their private online gallery of product photos.

My vision for you is simple: to have perfect photos that make you fall head over heels for your brand, enticing your potential customers and converting them into loyal patrons.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, wellness coach, or professional, I’m here to support you in creating one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and professional imagery.

“I used to dream of using beautiful images in my business. I however am not a photographer, and while I knew what I wanted had no hope of achieving it. and then I met Sarah.

I fell in love with her images immediately and knew I had to be using them. So if you want access to stunning, individually styled images you need to check out Eliza Stock, you won’t regret it!” -Megan (Freedom Business Collective)

Crafting Your Brand’s Vision, The Mood Board Journey

Experience the journey of mood board design, personally tailored by me for your brand. Consider this mood board as a window to your brand’s soul, showcasing its unique attributes and setting the stage for our upcoming photoshoot.

A visual translation of your brand’s personality, aspirations, and unique selling propositions.

Securing your approval on the mood board, we unfold the blueprint for a seamless photoshoot.

Discover our Personal Collection of Props of Props for Your Brand

In my studio, you’ll find an array of unique props at your disposal – a treasure trove of elements to transform your brand’s visual storytelling and create imagery that resonates deeply with your audience.

If my studio’s prop collection isn’t hitting the mark, we don’t stop there. We’ll embark on a prop shopping adventure, dedicated to finding those unique pieces that mirror your brand’s unique aesthetics and values. Prop searches begin at $200.

Discover High-End Brand Photography with Eliza Stock. Elevate your imagery with our bespoke content styling services tailored for your brand

Unlock Your Exclusive Gift to the Eliza Stock Membership

Complement your custom content creation with a year of access to high-quality, professionally shot stock images. Together, your exclusive images and Eliza Stock membership will elevate your brand’s visual identity to new heights

Got a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

This service is perfect for service-based businesses seeking exclusive brand imagery. For product photography, please visit Brand Eliza.

No, only you and I will have access to these exclusive images.

Yes, within 20km of Melbourne CBD. Extra travel fees apply beyond this.

Yes, you can, although I also provide suggestions based on the shoot’s style.

The payment is due upon booking. The cost of hiring any location or equipment will be borne by the client.

The Visual Powerhouse Trio
Eliza Stock, Financial Stock Images, and Brand Eliza Photography

Together, Eliza Stock, Financial Stock Images, and Brand Eliza Photography form a powerful visual trio for your brand. Eliza Stock enriches your bespoke package with access to an expansive, stylish stock image library. Financial Stock Images cater to the financial sector with uniquely tailored, visually appealing content. At the core, Brand Eliza Photography, steered by Sarah’s decade-long expertise, crafts product photos that mirror your brand’s essence. In unison, these services offer a one-stop visual solution for your brand’s evolving needs.

Sarah Aktag - High-End Product Photography
Sarah Aktag - High-End Brand Photography
Sarah Aktag - High-End Financial Stock Photography