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Creating a visual aesthetic for your business

Creating a visual aesthetic for your business

Launching a business takes a lot of planning. From your business idea, to your logo, to working out your target market and designing a website…

There are so many ‘things’ to consider and one of these things is your brand’s visual aesthetic. In this blog we’re sharing the 10 reasons why visual aesthetics are some of the most important elements to consider when launching your business.

We’ve all heard the saying a picture tells a thousand words and it’s true right? It’s the same with the visual aesthetic of your business. What you put out to the world visually (whether it be via social media, your website or even on a flyer) all of these visual ‘things’ are sending instant messages to your audience.

And when you’re running your own business or brand you want to control what those messages are, even if they’re visually implied rather than spoken.

Which is why visual aesthetic is important in business.

10 reasons why visual aesthetic is important in business:

  1. It adds credibility – Any visual element published by your brand is telling your audience whether you are professional or not and it goes without saying we all want to look professional.
  2. It establishes the mood, tone, and style of your brand – This is where you have the chance to make an impact with the way you make people feel. What’s your brand’s vibe, what do you stand for?
  3. It shows your audience’s personality – What lights up your audience? How can you be relatable, which in turn will make you appealing and relevant?
  4. You can attract customers or drive away customers based on your brand’s visual aesthetics – Who knew visual aesthetic could be so influential? It goes without saying that attraction is what every business is trying to achieve. We must consider the customers/clients we’re potentially driving away when our visual aesthetic is messy and confusing.
  5. You want your brand to be memorable, leave a lasting impression and be appealing to the eye. Let’s not be forgettable. Let’s be memorable for all the right reasons. With marketing research repeatedly proving brand alignment happens after multiple interactions with a brand, you need to be memorable from the get go.
  6. You want to attract your ideal customer – What aesthetic does your ideal customer love? If you don’t know, you need to find out. Go and check out other successful brands who have the same target audience and see what they’re doing (never copy) but take notes and come up with a way to use what works and make it uniquely your own.
  7. It helps your brand become eye-catching and draw people in – Keep it interesting. This doesn’t mean having every colour of the rainbow or going bright and bold all the time but means thinking through how you can work within your brand’s colour palette, mood and style to offer a diverse and engaging visual aesthetic.
  8. It helps evoke feelings and emotion – Pulling on the heart strings and strategically making people feel something is powerful. When you achieve this, you are more likely to make browsers or potential clients feel aligned with your brand and subsequently convert them to paying customers.
  9. It adds consistency which creates brand recognition – Consistency is really important across all platforms from social media, online advertising, websites and blogs so a strong visual aesthetic will help build a recognisable brand that your audience will instantly recall. Consistency is key and is one of the easiest things you can do to be visually appealing and maintain a cohesive visual aesthetic.
  10. It ties your brand together – This is where colour palettes come into play. Using a distinct colour palette at all times is the glue to achieving brand cohesion through your visual aesthetics.

After reading through these ten points, you can probably understand why visual aesthetics are so important.

And if you’re already trying your best to create a cohesive brand that delivers consistent branding, you would know it does take some preplanning but is achievable.

So how do you create consistent, high quality visual aesthetics when you don’t always have a designer or photographer at your fingertips?

Enter stock images. Stock images are like the business support person you never knew you needed. Once you begin using stock photos you realise you couldn’t run your business without them.

From being able to find images that suit your colour palette, to choosing an image that matches your ‘vibe’, stock images can be the solution to your visual aesthetic challenges.

Eliza Stock is a business tool that is quick and easy to use whether you’re in start-up phase or already running your own business. With stock images you can have a cohesive visual aesthetic all year round.

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