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Brand Eliza Australian Women in Business Resource Guide

Brand Eliza Australian Women in Business Resource Guide

There’s an undeniable magic that happens when passionate women unite, share, and uplift one another. As Women’s Entrepreneurship Day approaches on the 19th of November 2023, we want to contribute to that collective empowerment by curating the best resources designed to make your entrepreneurial journey easier, more efficient, and truly meaningful.

This resource guide we’ve specially curated is more than just tips or hacks. They are here to help you be successful.

Sarah Eliza – Eliza Stock Membership

If you’re a woman entrepreneur in Australia, looking to truly stand out, you’ll know that cookie-cutter stock images just won’t do. The Eliza Stock Membership is tailored to deliver exclusive, Australian-focused feminine and wellness imagery. Elevate your brand, connect deeper with your audience, and have a one-stop visual solution for all your business needs.

Mel Daniels – The Content Roadmap

Every successful journey requires a map. Mel Daniels’ Content Roadmap doesn’t just offer a blueprint but acts as a GPS for your content creation. Mel makes it easier to connect, nurture, and convert your ideal clients by aligning your content with your customer journey.

Laura Higgins – The Inspired Hive

Struggling with your social media bio or Facebook ‘About’ section? Laura from The Inspired Hive offers an array of resources, including exercises to help you flesh out your unique selling proposition. Create an authentic and captivating online presence that speaks to your ideal clients.

Emma McQueen – Tea with the Queen Podcast

For those looking for wisdom on the go, Emma McQueen’s podcast serves as a pocket mentor. Emma shares strategies tailored specifically for women in business, giving you the tools you need to take charge of your life and career.

One Roof – Community of Women Redefining Business

If you’ve ever felt isolated on your entrepreneurial journey, One Roof can be your sanctuary. This community-driven platform offers daily motivation, accountability, and a support network designed to help you thrive as a woman in business.

Zoe Scott – The Design Order

Don’t leave your branding to chance. Zoe from The Design Order offers an Essential Branding Workbook that covers everything from logo design to brand voice. This is the design agency that thinks of small businesses as big deals.

Rachel Reiter – Brand Colour Guide

A strong visual identity starts with the right colours. Rachel Reiter’s Ultimate Brand Colour Guide eliminates the guesswork and helps you choose colours that resonate with your target audience, even on a shoestring budget.

Libby – Adlib Creative

As entrepreneurs, our reach should be inclusive. Libby from Adlib Creative helps you break the mould of dull business designs and also offers a cheat sheet on making your content accessible to a wider audience.

Chantelle King – Chantelle King & Co

Chantelle King’s visual resources teach you how to communicate your brand’s soul. Her guides are specifically aimed at aligning your visual elements with your core business values.

Simone Pavils

Simone Pavils is the go-to expert for leveraging Pinterest for business. Her 15 free click-worthy Pinterest pin titles are a starting point to master this under-utilised platform and drive organic traffic to your site.

Hollie BaracThe CoWorking Community (CoCo)

The CoWorking Community is about connecting in a gentle, virtual space. It’s perfect for staying accountable and productive, especially when working from home. CoCo brings back the joy of connecting with a community of friendly faces.

Annie Love – Free Core Values Training

Feeling stuck or uncertain about your direction? Annie Love’s workshop on discovering your core values is like activating your internal GPS. Understand yourself better, overcome resistance, and find a new level of ease in life. Access her workshop to align with your true north and gain clarity on your purpose.

We see you, the hardworking entrepreneurs rising early and staying up late, grinding each day to elevate your brand and achieve your dreams. We understand that the entrepreneurial journey is both exhilarating and challenging, filled with ups and downs that test your resolve.

You are not just business owners, you are visionaries, trailblazers, and game-changers in your own right.

This guide is an empowering assets, tailored to meet your varied needs, whether you’re in the trenches of brand building or taking the first steps of your business journey. They have been created to make your life a little easier, your decisions a little clearer, and your path a little smoother.

As you gear up for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and the year ahead, remember that you’re not alone. There’s a vibrant, supportive community of women entrepreneurs who share your dreams, your challenges, and your ambitions. And resources like these can be the wind beneath your wings, offering you the crucial support and guidance that every soaring venture needs.

So, go ahead and leverage this resource guide as you continue to carve out your unique space in the business world. You’re not just building a brand, you’re building a legacy.

Here’s to you the women shaping the future of business. Your success lifts us all!

Created by Sarah Eliza

Resource Guide, Brand Eliza Australian Women in Business Resource Guide