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Join Sarah, founder of Eliza Stock, as she shares her journey of being a working mum and finding balance amidst chaos

A working mum’s Journey to Embrace the Unexpected

I have a story to share, one of those ‘real-life’ ones that resonates with every working mum. It’s how I learned that sometimes, the boundary between work and life blurs, and that’s okay.

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs when we least expect them, doesn’t it? Well, I had quite a month recently. Imagine me, hopping on eight flights within four weeks, six of them totally unplanned! Chaos was an understatement.

Despite the hectic schedule, one thing I was certain about – I would not let my business suffer. I might not have had my usual computer or my cosy home studio, but I had something – a borrowed computer, some essential tools, and my indomitable spirit to keep going.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I was back home. I found myself in catch-up mode. Now, here’s the thing: I always prefer to work when the kids are in care or busy, to maintain that crucial work-life boundary. But this time it was unavoidable.

So, there I was, working when the kids were around. In the middle of a photoshoot, my little one playing with his toy cars, and he started running them up, down, and around my setup. Now, many might find this frustrating, but I decided to take another route. I let him join in, capturing those delightful moments. Why, you might ask?

Because those moments were real. They were raw. They beautifully encapsulated what it’s like to work from home with constant interruptions and the never-ending mum duties. But more than that, they were an inspiration. I found that working with my kids around wasn’t just about compromise; it is a creative journey where their fresh, wonderful ideas sparked my imagination.

That day, we were a team, a small family business where every member, including my little one contributed. These unexpected moments and interruptions, which initially seemed like challenges, turned out to be a spark of creativity. They led to the start of a new collection of images – “The Working at Home, Mum Life Collection.”

Finding Balance in Chaos: A Working Mum's Journey to Embrace the Unexpected

I usually start each collection with a theme, a colour palette, or a distinct idea. However, this collection is unique. It is being built around these authentic images, those that depict the reality of every mum working from home, trying to fit everything in and crossing boundaries to make it all happen.

And that’s what Eliza Stock is all about – celebrating the authentic, raw moments of our lives, turning them into stunning visuals that tell your brand’s story. Whether it’s your website banners, blog posts, or social media stories, our diverse range of images adds that touch of realism and relatability to your brand.

As a mum and a business owner, your strength lies in your adaptability, creativity, and resilience like in this unpredictable moment.

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In the end, it’s not about a perfect balance. It’s about finding our unique rhythm and flow of work and life. Here’s to celebrating every moment of our beautiful, chaotic, utterly fulfilling mum-life!

Sarah, Founder of Eliza Stock

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Finding Balance in Chaos: A Working Mum's Journey to Embrace the Unexpected