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Welcome To the Eliza Stock Website

Welcome To the Eliza Stock Website

Sarah Eliza is a Melbourne based photographer who launched Eliza Stock in 2021. Get to know the founder as Sarah shares about her photography career and how women can use stock photography as a tool to up level their business.

If you’re a business owner you would know visual content is an essential component to looking professional in business and in 2021 the pressure to show up with beautiful imagery only continues to rise. Enter Eliza Stock.

I’m Sarah Eliza, the founder of Eliza Stock and a passionate photographer who loves working alongside women in business to elevate their brand and business.

If you’d told me in 2019 I’d be running a product photography business and a stock photography business in 2021 I would’ve been very surprised…. maybe even shocked.

I’ve been a photographer for almost a decade and my photography experience includes weddings and engagements, family portraits and product photography and now stock photography.

In 2019 I was living in my home state of Tasmania with a fully booked schedule of weddings and 2020 was set to be another fun year filled with weddings.

At the beginning of 2020 my family made the choice to move to Melbourne and the plan was for me to fly to Tasmania for all my wedding photography commitments…. We all know what happened next… Covid-19.

The wedding industry was brought to a halt and Victoria endured a gruelling lockdown. It was during lockdown that my desire to create images and help business women really grew. I realised I wanted to help women show up in their business in a way that would make them look professional 24/7.

The first steps in pursuing my passion for business women was through launching Brand Eliza, a product photography business where I began shooting product collections and found myself working alongside start-ups, entrepreneurs and business women who wanted to make their products look just as beautiful in photos as they were in real life.

Seeing the results as I worked with businesses and witnessed them achieve their goals was fulfilling, inspiring and as an added bonus I could work from my home studio whilst navigating the unknowns of the pandemic.

The launch of Brand Eliza also made me realise I wanted all women in business to have access to professional photography in some form; whether it be through custom collections of product images or through stock images.

So the idea to pursue stock photography was born.

It took almost a year from idea to inception along with thousands of photos taken in order to launch Eliza Stock with a full gallery of stock photos. I’m proud to say the images available expand across a range of colour palettes, photo layouts and themes but here we are.

The end result of the countless hours of work is a website with pages and pages of photos for you to scroll (or easily narrow your image search down via the search function). And when you join other like-minded women by becoming an Eliza Stock Member you gain full access to the entire stock photography gallery.

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