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The top 8 Australian wellness stock images

Wellness themed stock images form a core part of the Eliza Stock gallery so we challenged ourselves to select our top 8 Eliza Stock wellness stock images and then provide ideas on how to use these images to better connect with your audience.

If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen weekly updates about the arrival of new stock images. You can also safely assume that most weeks will feature images around wellness and wellbeing.

Eliza Stock provides an extensive collection of stock images for wellness brands and we’d love to show you how to put them to their best use.

In this blog we walk you through our thought processes on why our top 8 wellness stock images were chosen from amongst all our collections at Eliza Stock.

We throw a spotlight on the various themes of wellness that are captured in the top 8 images and how they relate to and/or build a stronger connection with your audience.

We’re here to help you make the best use of unique wellness stock images so you can create a consistent brand without having to be a graphic designer.

Here are the Top 8 Eliza Stock Wellness stock images:


1. Barefoot Beach Strolls

Top 8 wellness stock images.

The overarching theme of image one captures a moment of mindfulness.

Have you ever taken a walk barefoot along the beach and NOT become fully present in the moment?The feeling of the sand underfoot, the cold water as it washes over your feet, the wind brushing across your face, the smell of the salty air, the sun streaming onto you from above…..noticing these details is a perfect way to practice mindfulness.

When it comes to taking a moment to escape, the beach is like no other. The cares of the world can wait as you focus on walking, wandering, exploring and soaking in the serenity. You may even find new ideas come to you as metaphorical waves of peace and clarity wash over you.

This image is perfect for conversations around mindfulness, taking a break, stress relief and being fully present.

2. Selfcare Moment

The main themes captured in image two are selfcare and femininity.

One of the simplest forms of caring for ourselves is stopping to enjoy a hot drink. Tea is a calming ritual in itself. From the water boiling to being poured into the cup. To the tea leaves being infused and deep colours emerging in the water.

Then there’s the brewing process, the hot peaks of steam and cupping the mug so that it warms your hands. Right through to taking those first sips down to the last drop. It’s a comfort like no other.

Taking a moment to enjoy a tea and gather thoughts or simply let words flow in a journal is a daily practice anyone can enjoy.

This image can be used to speak to your audience about taking time to fill their cup and having a simple and peaceful moment to themselves. It also encourages selfcare and exudes femininity through the use of pink props and clothing.


3. Freedom Feels

Top 8 wellness stock images.

The main theme captured in image three is pure joy and happiness.

We challenge you to not break a smile or feel a little heart leap when looking at this image. It’s impossible.

Childlike joy is like no other. Kids can’t help but enjoy moments and they have a way of loving life in a care free way.

This image is perfect for discussion around laughter, happiness, truly living, loving life, energy and good vibes. It also has a large area perfect for adding your own copy or a quote.

4. Financial Freedom And Wellbeing

Top 8 wellness stock images.

As the title suggests, the overarching theme of image 4 is financial health and wellbeing.

Money makes the world go round. Everyone needs it, everyone uses it and everyone wants financial freedom. Everyone also loves a desktop flatlay.

With so many women running their own business, this image is not only relatable but conjures thoughts of goal setting, managing funds, organisation and achieving results.

There are three key styling details to note:

1. Money represents finance

2. Pink represents femininity

3. Green represents wellness

When we place the three key styling details together you have a feminine financial wellbeing image. Use this image to discuss business goals or achievements. Offer financial wellbeing advice, share money tips or cashflow guidance.

5. Journaling and Selfcare


The inspiration behind image 5 is journaling and solitude

From the posture of the woman, to the styling of the cushion you can’t help but sense her relaxed state. As she sits curled up you can easily imagine her visualising the future, expressing gratitude and pondering life.

With a pop of green used purposefully to draw attention to the journal, this image is a visual representation of topics including self care, self regulation, reflection and self improvement.

6. Nutrition and Healthy Living


Our theme for image six throws a spotlight on fresh produce and the link between good nutrition and health

The vibrant greens styled on an all white background creates a stunning contrast and ensures all eyes are on the fresh produce. These leafy greens are not just rich in colour but also rich in subliminal messaging. You can’t look at greens without thinking green vegetation equals good for us and makes us healthy.

Green is strongly linked to nutrition, health and wellbeing making this image perfect for nutritionists, life coaches, personal trainers, influencers and anyone promoting health and wellness from a holistic perspective.

We even created the image with space for you to add your own messaging or favourite quote at the top.

7. Body, Soul And Mind

Top 8 wellness stock images.

Image 7 weaves together the theme of yoga and mindfulness.

Yoga is known for being both a strengthening and healing exercise for the body but also for the mind. For some, yoga is also a deeply spiritual practice that engages the soul, making it a logical choice when discussing topics that encompass body mind and soul.

This image also pairs well with topics of stretching, fitness, exercise, physical health, getting outdoors, movement, healing and recovery. It also features extra space for your own copy to be added.

8. Sleep, Rest and Rejuvenate


You can probably guess the theme of this image with your eyes closed (wink wink). Image 8 features all things sleep and a salute to coffee.

Sleep is an essential part of overall wellbeing. And whilst the coffee mug in bed is optional, most people associate mornings with a hot beverage in hand as they try their best to restart their brain for the day.

This image is great for chats about sleep (or lack of sleep), being a mum who never gets sleep and covers off topics such as rest, recovery and allowing the body to relax. Plus, we’ve left lots of room to add a quote or a branding or sales message (or any other message you’d like to convey).

That’s our Top 8 wellness stock images. You can probably appreciate wellness is a multifaceted topic encompassing many parts of life. We hope you’ve found several relatable images you can use to promote wellness in your business.

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