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The greatest benefits of a stock photography subscription

The greatest benefits of a stock photography subscription

Are you unsure about whether you can use a stock image more than once? New to the whole stock photography concept and curious to know the benefits of a stock photography subscription in your business?


At Eliza Stock we spend our days shooting new stock images and love creating an incredible stock library for Eliza Stock members. You’re probably reading this because you want to know more about how the stock photography industry works.

Let’s start with firstly defining what stock images are.

What are stock images?
  • Digital images made with small businesses in mind
    Stock images are digital photographs created for use by small businesses and are designed for you to incorporate these images into your social media, website, newsletters and other digital marketing.
  • Housed in an online gallery
    Stock images are offered together in a large online photo gallery for you to search and choose from (just like googling a pair of shoes for an upcoming event, you can search our gallery for an image in the theme or colour you need).
  • Diverse images for diverse uses
    The gallery offers a huge range of images in a variety of colours and styles ready to be used to create content for your business. You’ll find refined, feminine images designed with space to add copy, mockups of tech screens, styled shots with women and so much more.
  • Professional photographs
    All Eliza Stock images are curated and purpose designed. Each image undergoes a professional process of colour correction and editing ready to use.
  • Images designed for business use
    Perfect for marketing your business in conjunction with images of yourself and behind-the-scenes. Stock images are especially handy for service-based businesses.
  • Images suitable for online use only
    Eliza Stock images aren’t designed to be printed (please contact Eliza Stock for further information if you wish to use images in print form).


What are the benefits of stock images?


  • Savings
    Stock subscriptions have many benefits including cost and time saving. Hiring a photographer will have a turnaround time of weeks so using stock images is more cost effective than hiring photographers, models and stylists for photoshoots.
  • Instant Download
    Images are available 24 hours a day and able to be accessed instantly once you sign up as a paid member.
  • Always fresh images available
    With fashion, décor, colour trends and seasons ever changing, Eliza Stock adds new images to the stock library in a range of colours and styles every week.
How can I use stock images in my business?

Stock images are approved for use in business for commercial use.

All Eliza Stock images are royalty free and the license allows for a range of uses including social media, marketing campaigns, websites, blogs, branding materials, email marketing, PDF’s, presentations, for creative projects including Facebook cover images, Instagram stories and Pinterest.

You can use the image or make changes to suit your project such as adding text overlay, cropping, slight colour changes etc. be aware to not crop too much as this will change the quality of the image and you will start to notice the image looking soft (not sharp). It’s always best to use an image that doesn’t need changes.

If you want to redistribute an Eliza Stock image to someone else or to another business you need an extended license (you cannot redistribute royalty-free images). This means when signing up to Eliza Stock subscription you can only use the images for your business. If you have a client who would like to use the images, they would need to sign up to the membership as well.

If you are unsure about any of the legalities around using stock photos you can read and understand the terms of use here.

How much does an Eliza Stock photography membership cost?

An Eliza Stock Photography membership costs $35 per month. (If you use one image each day of the month the image cost is $1.13 per image).

You can try before you buy with our collection of FREE downloads, sign up here.


Understanding the basics of copyright and use of stock images:

When people read the term ‘royalty free image’, they often think the image is free. This is not the case. When you sign up to the Eliza Stock membership you are paying for the right to use royalty free stock images.

Paying for your subscription to use the images is a flat fee meaning you never have to pay for an image again.

The stock images are:
  • Free to use multiple times within YOUR business (not one-time use)
  • Don’t have an expiry date

As users of the internet, we cannot simply take any image we find online, on social media, google or any other online platform and just use it (there are legal implications by doing so) but rather a photographer owns copyright of their images meaning we cannot use images without a photographer’s permission.

The good news is by signing up to the Eliza Stock site you have permission to use every image in our gallery.

When downloading the images on the stock site you are buying a license to use the image in a certain way. You do NOT acquire ownership of the image as the author (the photographer) remains the owner of the image.

What about model releases? Images with people in them require model releases however when using Eliza Stock images you don’t require a model release as this has already been done for you.

If a stock image doesn’t have a model release it can only be used for editorial purposes only. This means you can only use them in the news or public interest not for profit sites (Not commercial use).

Who is Eliza Stock perfect for?

Eliza Stock is perfect for you if you:

Are busy and need access to images today

Look for fresh content weekly

Want to legally have access to use royalty-free images – Worry free

Want styled imagery to suit your business

Want your branding to be on point

Don’t have time to hire a photographer


Become an Eliza Stock member today 

If you’d love to know more insider details about the Eliza Stock membership check out blog revealing what’s inside the Members Only Area. 

Sarah Founder of Eliza Stock.

Still weighing up whether to become an Eliza Stock member? We wrote a blog about why a stock subscription is a great business idea.