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Ten ways to prepare your business for Christmas ?

It’s time to start planning for the festive season and in this blog we’ve outlined ten ways to prepare your business and social accounts for Christmas. Consider this your guide to preplanning content with the help of Sarah Eliza Australian stock images.

Whilst you might not have your Christmas decorations up at home just yet (if you really love Christmas maybe you do) but step into a retail store or the local super market and you’ll see decorations, wrapping paper, clothing and sweet treats which can mean one thing and one thing only – the most wonderful time of the year is approaching.

Before you know it, you’ll be wrapping gifts and playing Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas Is You, but in the midst of the Christmas carols and planning table settings you’ll also want to consider how you’ll celebrate Christmas with your clients, customers and followers.

Have you given any thought to how this might look on your social media platforms and your website?
You’ll no doubt need visual content and this is where non-traditional, Australian Christmas stock images can create beautiful and engaging content that’s on brand for your business.
Here’s 10 ways to prepare your business and socials for the festive season

Using Eliza Stock Non-traditional, Australian Christmas stock images, you’ll easily tick off some of your Christmas ‘to do’ list.

Here’s 10 ways to prepare your business and socials for the festive season

Create a reminder of closing dates or out of office- Your followers, customers and clients love to be informed. Let them know when they can expect to buy from you and when you’ll be closed or have different trading hours. You can make this messaging super clear by using a stock image and then adding important dates to the image in a design app like Canva. Share the closure or change of hours to your feed, stories or even pop it onto your website.

Sales – If you haven’t already, make preparations for your Christmas sales and actively promote them. As above in point 1, you can use Christmas stock images to create the messaging needed to promote your sales.

End of year thank you or Merry Christmas email – Before everyone clocks off for Christmas and summer holidays why not prepare a thank you and/or Merry Christmas message. You could post this to your socials and send to your email list or clients.

Create a Christmas gift service guide – Everyone loves a gift guide and this is a beautiful way to add value to your audience at this time of year. It’s also a great marketing method at a time of year where everyone is vying for your target market’s attention.

Posts related to Christmas – Plan ahead by selecting all the Christmas stock images you want to use for your Christmas related social media post and captions. You can create and schedule social media posts using the festive stock images as they are or add them to a Canva template and personalise.

Create an e-card – Use a design app to design an e-card for customers and clients. This time of year is the perfect time to go above and beyond to say thank you and to also keep your business top of mind in a busy marketplace.

Update website images – Reflect the current season by adding a fresh look to your website with non traditional, Australian Christmas stock images. All our Christmas stock images were photographed this year which means they’ve never been seen before and your Christmas theming will look original.

Update blogs – Do you have a blog? Go over your Christmas themed blogs or rework any blogs that easily lend themselves to Christmas. Whilst you’re there, add Christmas images to each of the relevant blogs.

Create or update a lead magnet – Do you have a lead magnet that’s perfect for the Christmas period? They’re another great way to promote your business at an important time of the year. Update your lead magnet with Christmas visuals and set to work promoting it.

Update your business’s Facebook banner – Give your Facebook banner the Christmas touch to streamline your Christmas visuals.

Every business is different and there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Christmas. We hope you enjoy connecting with your audience throughout the Christmas period. How many of the 10 ways to prepare your business and socials for the festive season will you aim to achieve?

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