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Purple Passion! Unleashing The Power of Purple in Your Branding

We’ve got something incredibly special for you this week landing in the Eliza Stock gallery. We’re rolling out the purple carpet (see what we did there?) for our newest collection: “Purple Passion!” Dive into this lavish palette boasting a variety of shades from lavender to aubergine, giving you the ultimate range of everyday stock images.

What’s in the Collection?

From the vivid hues of garden blooms to the softer purples gracing your work desk, this collection has been carefully curated to offer something for every aspect of your life. The aim? To provide you with an array of relatable shots that can be instantly used across your digital platforms.

Why Purple?

Purple is more than just a colour, it’s a mood, an emotion. It’s the colour of creativity, wisdom, and self-care. So why not sprinkle some purple magic into your branding? Use these images as the backdrop for your social posts, on your website, or even in your email campaigns. Purple sets the tone for a brand that’s daring yet approachable, ideal for you, the wonderful women supporting multitudes of women in business.

How Can You Use These Images?

  • Content Creation Just Got Easier: No more scrolling aimlessly for the ‘right’ image. Our collection brings you top-quality photos that resonate with your brand’s ethos and visual identity.
  • Coaching & Webinars: Use these images to create captivating slides and marketing material. Purple is the colour of wisdom and creativity; embody that in your next coaching session.
  • Boost Your Social Engagement: We know you love to serve your audience by showing up in front of the camera. Use these images to supplement your personal shots, keeping your content fresh and engaging.
  • Client Comfort: If your clients have reservations about stepping in front of the camera, this collection provides a soothing, comfortable backdrop that can help ease camera shyness.

Ready to Add Some Purple to Your Life?

If you’re as excited about this collection as we are, head over to Eliza Stock right now and start choosing your favourite stock images. And remember, your branding should be as unique as you are, don’t miss the opportunity to let the “Purple Passion” collection elevate it to the next level.

We think you’re going to absolutely adore this collection, and we can’t wait to see how you put your unique spin on these images!

Much love and purple vibes,

Sarah Eliza – Founder of Eliza Stock

Purple, Branding, stock, images, phots, picture, Asutalian