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Look professional with feminine stock images

Look professional with feminine stock images

As business owners we need to be time savvy but when it comes to professional imagery it can feel like a far off business goal. In this blog we share how stock imagery can be the tool to looking professional in business despite being a business mum who is time poor and has limited photography skills.

We all have different lives and routines but most of us have a common goal in looking for new ways to reduce wasted time in our days. We’re searching for simple, easy ways to achieve better results.

Many mums in business juggle the daily reality of raising kids and building a business which comes with its own unique set of challenges.

We want to provide a professional service yet we also experience countless interruptions from our little ones in the process. On any given day we turn our backs for just a moment and find our documents decorated with gorgeous drawings. Having short windows of time to finish tasks is the norm.

Then comes the guilt. The guilt of not completing the task we set for ourself that day which leaves us feeling deflated that we didn’t accomplish what we wanted (or needed) to achieve. 

And when was the last time we truly did something for ourselves?

Running a business alongside parenting is hard but also full of potential and opportunity. Most mothers are motivated to start and succeed in business because they genuinely want to create the life they desire to have. They want to be there for their family whilst also following their passions and contributing to the family income too.

Which is why as women in business we need to choose simple and effective business tools that allow us to spend our time where it’s needed most.

When it comes to business budgets, professional photography is often not an option in the initial days of business but this doesn’t need to stop you from looking professional.

Have you ever wondered how women in business are able to regularly share beautiful feminine images that are on brand for their business?

Having professional imagery for your business doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Three must have images to create a brand that’s visually on point and looks professional.

  1. Pictures Of Yourself – Yes you! Clients want to see who they’re talking to. They want to know you’re a real person, not just another person behind a keyboard. We recommend engaging a professional photographer for these images.
  1. Behind The Scenes Snaps – Clients want to see what’s happening within your business. They want to see the raw, unpolished images of what goes on behind closed doors and how you work or create in your business. These are photos you would take.
  1. Styled Stock Imagery – We all need visual content and styled stock images are the perfect solution for filler content, planned posts, website banners, blogs, social media posts and stories, freebies, pdf’s, service guides and so much more.

With the combined use of these three types of images, you will be using three visual components to build your brand’s presence, engagement and reach.

Whether you’re just starting out in business or have been running a business for ten years, these must have images apply to everyone no matter where you are on the business journey.

We of course are here to help with the third must have image – styled stock imagery. At Eliza Stock we have all the feminine stock images you can dream of ready for you to use from our stock gallery. Become a member now

As a female entrepreneur and mum trying to maintain a professional service whilst raising your children, everything on the to do list is important.

Every task needs to be as efficient as possible and time needs to be carefully planned to be able to provide the best possible service to your clients whilst still making the 3pm school pickup.

There’s also those after school activities and soaking in time watching our children grow (this happens too fast) as well as the cooking, the cleaning, playdates and those sick days when the little one just wants to hug mum. 

It can feel like a lot but creating on-point imagery doesn’t need to be another time-consuming task for mums in business.

Styled stock imagery is the little secret women-led businesses choose to look professional and portray an overall polished look whilst saving their time and their money.

We’ve built Eliza Stock with you in mind. Our feminine stock subscription service is a money and time saving solution to having the professional imagery you need. Choose a styled stock subscription and watch your online presence transform.

Want a digital taste test of our feminine FREE images? Sign up to the Eliza mailing list and we’ll send you 20 free stock photos right away.

Sarah Founder of Eliza Stock.