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Five Content Tips

Five Content Tips and how stock images help you with content

Every business woman wants their business to flourish in every way possible and one of the most important marketing requirements is visual content (and lots of it).


As a business owner the to do lists can be endless. And just when you feel you’re finally on top of one area, another area seems to be lacking the attention it also needs. Can you relate?

One of the most common areas where business startups can find they’re scratching the bottom of the barrel is with fresh visual content (in this blog when we talk about visual content, we’re referring to professional photos and imagery).

In this blog we also introduce you to Five Content Tips which will help you feel more confident that you can have your visual content organised all year round.

With visual content a necessity in business, it can become time consuming and stressful wondering how you are going to have enough content.

We can all agree we want to build solid and positive brand awareness as well as showcase our businesses in the best light right….

Fun Fact: The word photography was derived from the Greek words for ‘light’ and ‘drawing’ so literally means, ‘drawing with light’. Proof that photography is a powerful tool to send visual messages and evoke emotion to your intended audience.

Which is why this blog takes a look at five ways stock photography can help make you the queen of content and help you convey what your brand stands for.


Here Are Our Five Content Tips


  • Consistency – Consistency in the context of visual content refers to planned, regular and predictable content published to places such as social media and to subscribers via newsletters. Stock photography helps you become consistent with sharing good quality images all the time and provides you with enough content to regularly communicate with your audience.
  • Connection – Stock images combined with engaging captions and stories creates a connection with your audience. An image draws the eye in but the next step is to draw in the heart and mind. We encourage you to be relatable, share a story, an experience, share value, ask opinions, solve problems, keep it original and never be all business.
  • Collaboration – Businesses grow when they support each other and so a collaboration with like minded businesses can be just the ticket to help build your brand. Creating extra exposure and engagement opportunities with similar target markets can really transform your growth. How do stock images work with collaborations? We recommend using them to create uniform content that will be shared by all parties who are part of the collaboration.
  • Customers – Social media was designed for virtual socialising and authentically connecting with customers (and potential customers) as well as helping to build brand awareness and trust. Use loyal customer testimonials by adding their words as text over a stock photo. Testimonials are an easy way to offer social proof, reinforce what your brand is about and cement trust with new followers and potential customers.
  • Campaigns – Marketing Campaigns can feel big and scary but they don’t need to be. They can be as little or as large as you feel comfortable with and dipping your toes in the water is a great way to get a feel for how campaigns work. Campaigns are also a great way to reach new customers and create leads but preparation and consistency is key to achieving results. You can prepare your social media, email marketing and any other elements of your campaign by selecting stock photography to include in the messaging. Not sure where to begin with a marketing campaign? Your campaign might highlight a new service, a special discount, a sale, special dates, create brand awareness, promote rebranding, business launches and generate leads.


And there you have it, our five content tips plus how you can use stock images to be consistent, to create connection, to collaborate with others, to attract new customers and develop marketing campaigns.

Consistently showcasing your business in the best ‘visual content’ light may have seemed unattainable but a stock photography membership is a simple and effective way to fill content gaps and utilise imagery that allows your business to show up in ways you probably thought weren’t possible.

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