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Batching content with stock images

How to make batch days easier with a stock subscription

Batching content has become the way forward in the content craving world we’re in but how do you batch content when you’re a busy female entrepreneur? This blog takes a look at how a stock subscription is a key ingredient for smooth and quick content batching.

Imagine you could plan your content two weeks or a month in advance. How good would you feel!

When planning content, you don’t have to do it on the fly, or only when inspiration strikes (which let’s face it can disappear longer than we like sometimes).

As a busy mum in business or female business owner you know consistency is one of the keys to increasing engagement and so you want to have ample content to regularly show up.

So how do you have endless content without it taking up all your time or without hiring a full-time social media manager?

The answer? Add a batch day to your schedule and pair your planning with a stock subscription to make content batching days feel effortless.

What is a batch day? It’s a day you allocate in your calendar purely for making content and lots of it. Whilst you’re in the zone you get as much done as possible and the results from your batch day is the content you role out until your next batch day.

Why batch content?
5 reasons to batch your content
  1. Save Time – The one thing you desperately need when you are wearing many hats and doing all the things.
  2. Reduces Stress – Organising content in advance removes the stress of last minute rushing and mind blanks about what to post.
  3. Feel Organised – You’ll always have a clear content plan with premade content for all the different pillars within your business.
  4. Preserves Wellbeing – As a business owner your mental health and well being are important. Batch days reduce the mental load, the overthinking and the anxiety that goes along with the pressure to always have content.
  5. Feel more in control – Batch days help you to feel more in control of your workload instead of your workload controlling you, which in turn protects your precious energy.

But what about spontaneity in content. Can you still be spontaneous when you plan your content?

Yes absolutely. If you have a sudden strike of inspiration or need to deliver a message where timing is of the essence or will be relevant on a specific date then jump on it and simply move the planned content for that day/ week to suitable timing further down. This means your content planning hasn’t gone to waist and your content is still planned in advance.

How to plan ahead with content creation for social media

To plan your content in advance (try to focus on two weeks or a month in advance), decide on your content themes, topics, messaging and/ or insights you want to share.

Once you’ve done this you can begin to build a month’s worth of content (and when you’ve had some practice you might even begin to plan 2,3 or even 6 months in advance).

Three steps to planning content in advance

Step 1. Take your main theme or topic and create a hero piece of content such as a blog, a podcast or video.

Step 2. Plan how you want to repurpose the one hero piece of content into many pieces of smaller content.

Step 3. On your batch day create reels, posts, stories, Facebook covers, emails, Pinterest boards and TikToks to promote your hero content piece.

Your batch day is a time to:
  • Put on your marketing hat to work on the business
  • Develop strategy and long term content plans
  • Focus on specific content and get into content creation mode
  • Organise everything in a planning app or have all the content in one place ready to upload manually.

Once your content is done you can pretty much set and forget until your next planning day which makes content creation feel less taxing and fun.

When creating your content you’ll want to stick to your strengths ie if you’re good at writing, then write a blog, if you’re good at speaking create a podcast or Youtube video. All content will need some photography or visuals so this is where a stock photography subscription comes in handy to tie all your batched content together.

How a stock subscription helps with content batch days
  • Vast Image Range – At the time of writing this blog there’s more than 2000 images in the Eliza stock gallery so you’ll definitely find an amazing image. We specialise in beautiful feminine stock images and Australian stock images all styled in gorgeous hues.
  • New Images – We upload new images to our feminine stock library every week, so on your batch day you know there’ll be lots of new images waiting for you.
  • Professional imagery – You’re a professional in your industry but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert photographer. We create unique stock images to go with all your content. Just because you don’t have a dedicated social media manager doesn’t mean you can’t look professional. You can successfully DIY your content creation with our professional images.
  • Search Function – The search function in the Eliza Stock members area means you can filter topics down to find a range of stunning images that relate to your theme or topic.
  • Time Management – If you were to create all your imagery yourself you would need to take a lot of pictures which takes time, requires adequate lighting, means searching for props (which takes forever) as well as the cost involved in buying them. Planning photoshoots means thinking about location, style, models and colours.

Cost saving – The time spent doing your own photoshoot or searching is wasted unpaid hours working on a big task. You’ll eat into hours of your batch day trying to get images right and selecting the images to use afterwards.

Batch days call for lots of images to promote your content which is where having access to a stock subscription can mean your batch days run smoothly and quicker than they would otherwise.

By knowing you simply have to log into a gallery of beautiful images rather than shooting all brand new content yourself you can save your precious time by instantly downloading the images you need.

With so many images at your fingertips you can quickly choose different images for different platforms so that your content looks fresh no matter where it’s seen.

So when’s your first batch day going to be? Lock one into the diary in the near future and see how they transform your relationship with content creation, social media and the energy you bring to your business.

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Sarah Founder of Eliza Stock

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