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8 Ways to Manage this Holiday Season

8 Ways to Manage this Holiday Season

Officially, it is 8 weeks to go to the Holiday season or 9 weeks to the end of the year 2022.

Feeling the pressure yet?

The commercialisation of any event drives me crazy. Credit cards come out more often these days to buy things on sale because everyone seems to be finding a bargain and you don’t want to miss the boat.

As busy mums, we have no time go to the brick-and-mortar shop but end up shopping online, which is equally dangerous if not more dangerous.

Have you ever felt like you’re being pulled in all directions?

To name a few: society, family, house, work, and yourself.

You are not alone.

Take a deep breath. You got this!

Here are some hacks:

Focus on the essence – what you can control.

It is natural for humans to feel stressed when something is not your business as usual. One of the most important lessons in life is to learn to divert our focus toward the essence – what we can control. The known factor.

What is the actual meaning of Christmas?
Is Christmas the only time for gifting?


With limited funds or at least intentionally setting the budget will go a long way. I budget my spending so I can control my spending. If you are like me, I happen to memorise my credit card details therefore it can be dangerous. No judging here, please. The numbers just make more sense to me. I use my credit card for points and pay it off at the end of the month. I still live within my mean although I can try to tighten my belt even more. It really helps to focus on the necessary.

Prioritise quality over quantity.

Do more gifts mean better? With many products to choose from these, it is easy to buy endless stuff, especially when earning a big paycheck. People obviously can do whatever they want to do with their money, however, we are part of a larger society than just our four walls house. Is it many stockings to make a child happier or is it just a way of parents showing ego or guilt? The point in number two helps.

I challenge you to think of a gift with the following criteria:

  • Something that is needed
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read
  • Something to challenge their mind

Breathing and meditation.

When you feel overwhelmed, be intentional with your breathing. Breathing increases the oxygen that goes to your brain and creates a state of calmness. We take breathing for granted because it is an auto-pilot activity, but the belly breathing is another level of breathing, and it can be incorporated with quick meditation.

Small changes can make big improvements.

I must admit that I enjoyed the covid lockdown for a few years. Covid wasn’t small but I treated it as a reset button. I challenged myself more now with my behaviour and actions. Life before covid and it will soon be returning was the holiday season was so busy to go from one house to another house for gatherings and I felt that I needed a holiday from the holiday. There was no time for me.

  • Do you need to go to every invitation especially if it is the same crowds in different houses?
  • Do you need to buy everyone a gift only because?

Eat nutritious food.

A holiday without festive foods would be a bland celebration. I love food and people say it is because I can afford it, but the truth is in general I eat balanced food. Where possible choose your food or eat a smaller portion if you want to try every delicious food served. Food is for survival and not for bingeing.

Move your body.

Integrating exercise into your busy schedule is hard, however, at minimum, you could do body movement activity that can rejuvenate your body and mind. Being outdoors helps clear your thoughts, and quick yoga stretch helps stiffness and blood flow in your body.

Ask for help – plan ahead.

The school holiday is long. It is extremely long when you are solo parenting and working full time. The usual help from teachers at school is not going to be there.

  • Plan ahead the leave from work
  • Who will look after your child when you need to work
  • What activities to do for the child during the holiday
  • Communicate the plan clearly with your child

The demands of getting things done before the year-end countdown are strong. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and as if you’re not doing enough, especially when you want to give everyone around you your world yet so little time available.

Taking conscious steps to manage this holiday season will help not just you, but also the ones around you.

Less is more!

You got this, busy mums

With love Sisca x

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